PGA Tour Pros & Top Golf Instructors

“Great resource to simplify things”

“As an instructor for over 30 years I’m always trying to accelerate the pace of learning for my students.  People are looking for instant gratification and the Swing Jacket is a great resource to communicate the correct feel.  It takes away a lot of hitting balls . . .

Donald Crawley, Top 100 Golf Magazine Instructor, Boulders Golf Resort, Cave Creek, AZ

“You Know Your Working on the Right Things”

On the range at the Barclay’s Championship.  “When you’re in the Swing Jacket you know your mechanics are proper.  That’s why I use it once or twice a week just to check and see where I’m at because immediately I’m going to feel if somethings not right. . . . For me the Swing Jacket has been unbelievable.  It’s put me on the right track.  My ball striking stats have gotten tremendously better . . .”

Tom Pernice, PGA Tour Player

Top Ranked Golf Instructors Rave About the Swing Jacket

“Keeps you on the correct path”

“Changing any motor skill, like the golf swing, is very difficult. With the Swing Jacket golfers do not have to think about mechanics… they just have to swing and the Swing Jacket will keep them on the correct path.”

Bob McArthur

Canadian PGA Teacher of The Year, Heritage Pointe Golf Club

“Faster results than any other teaching aid”

“I just wanted you to know that I have started using your product as a teaching aid about 3 weeks ago and my students have been getting results faster than any other teaching aid I have ever used. I thought this might be something you would like to hear.”

Bob Gruber

Head Golf Professional, Riomar Country Club, Vero Beach, FL

“Allows the student to feel the correct motion”

“I’ve been a PGA Teaching Professional for over thirty years and have taught over 100,000 students around the world from all walks of life. Normally, I tell my students that feel ain’t real since what they feel they are doing and what they really are doing aren’t the same, as evidenced by the videos of them that I take and show them. Golf isn’t all that natural a game; if it were, the best golfers in the world would be the decathlon performers since they are the best athletes in the world, it is more of a learned, acquired skill! You folks have created the best learning device that I have ever encountered since it does allow the student to feel the correct motion and gives them immediate feedback…in this case, feel is real! Keep up the good work!!!”

Dan Pasquariello

Associate Director, Pebble Beach Golf Academy

“This is the most effective product I’ve worked with”

“The most common fault of golfers is separating their arm from their body on the back swing. The Swing Jacket makes that impossible. You will have firmer and smoother contact the ball than you ever have in your life! I’ve seen them all and this is the most effective product I’ve worked with.

James Christy

International Golf, Glendale, CA

“Perfect compliment for what I teach”

“The Swing Jacket and Jim Hardy’s training tape perfectly compliment everything that I teach and gives my students the perfect practice tool when I am not around.”

Roger Ide

Perfect Golf Swing, Mesa, AZ

“The BEST connection device available “

The BEST connection device available today! It has helped each and every person I have put it on.

Erix Schneller

Director of Golf, The Ridge Club, S. Sandwich, MA

“Makes everything work in unison”

“With the Swing Jacket everything works in unison just the way the golf swing is supposed to work. You’ll hit the ball straighter, farther and more consistently than ever.”

Lance Antonenko

Assistant Professional, Earl Grey Country Club

“Will make you a better player much faster”

“I have been teaching for over 10 years and I’ve never seen anything that can deliver these kinds of results. Buy all the clubs you want but the Swing Jacket will make you a much better player way faster.

Ken Conroy

Head Professional, Springbank Links Country Club, Calgary, Canada

“It truly creates the proper feeling”

“Thank you for the addition of the Swing Jacket to my battery of training aids, I believe in it and get true positive results in all of my students. As you know their are so many gimmicks out their, over the years it causes skepticism, your product actually does what few can it truly creates the proper feeling.

Randy Woodruff

Teaching professional, Jefferson Hills, PA

“Students are sold after a couple of swings”

“As a teacher there is only one way to teach the golf swing and that is through feel. All of the students I have put the Swing Jacket on are sold the minute they make a couple of swings. They look at me and say “AaHa I got it!”

Scott Orban

Head Professional, McKenzie Meadows Golf Club

“Ultimately, the golf swing is a feeling and the Swing Jacket imposes that feeling immediately! You don’t have any choice but to learn the golf swing when you put the Swing Jacket on.

Gary Haykin

Teaching Professional, Los Angeles, CA.

The Best Value Proposition in Golf

The Swing Jacket costs about the same as a couple of lessons from your local teaching pro, a new hybrid or the latest pitching wedge.

Unlike those other items the Swing Jacket could cut your handicap in half in less than 10 rounds and it comes with an Unconditional 60 Day Great Swing Guarantee.

If you don’t see dramatic, Holy Cow, results immediately you can return it for a full refund.

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