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Being Consistent – The Key to Lower Golf Scores

Human Performance Laboratory Study

The Research

Two Core Fundamentals — Key To A Solid Swing

We concluded that two core swing fundamentals are key to golfers developing a powerful, accurate, easy-to-repeat swing:

  • On-Plane: Staying on a consistent swing plane simplifies your motion and keeps your club on an optimal swing path.
  • Connected: When your arms work in sync with, or connected to, the rotation of your torso you’re able to harness the power of your core.

As the club club travels on an optimal swing path it releases naturally – squaring the face at impact and efficiently transferring the full force to the ball.

Swing Flaws NOT Bad Habits At All

When your swing gets off plane or disconnected your natural athleticism intervenes instinctively and tries to get your club back into position.
Over-the-top, casting, chicken wings, reverse pivots are great examples of the clever ways your body tries to gets the club back into position.
You will eliminate swing flaws,  and add the distance and accuracy that comes from a square club face, within a handful of swings when the Swing Jacket guides you through a connected, on-plane swing.

Train Your Body — In A Fraction Of The Time

Human Performance Laboratory research has proven that under these ideal conditions athletes can shrink the time it takes to lock a new motion into muscle memory by upwards of 90%:
1. Practice Perfect – repeating anything but the ideal motion has limited value
2. Consistently – the more consistent your rep’s the stronger the memory
3. Game Conditions – practice with your own clubs at game-like speed
4. Focus on Feel – thinking about your mechanics retards your progress
Think about all the ways golfers have tried to improve in the past.  Lessons, tips from books or videos, other training products simply provide you with information. Then YOU need to consciously manipulate your swing to manually ‘fix’ whatever the information suggests is wrong.
When you consider the ideal conditions needed to memorize a better swing it’s suddenly clear why most golfers struggle to make lasting improvement.
Feel It – Repeat It – Own It,
Your time and money are too precious to waste ‘trying’ to fix your golf swing.
“The BEST connection device available “

“The BEST connection device available today! It has helped each and every person I have put it on.“*
Eric Schnelller, Director of Golf, The Ridge Club, S. Sandwich, MA

*Individual results will vary based on factors unique to each golfer.  Every Swing Jacket is backed by our exclusive Great Swing Guarantee and the support of our expert teaching staff.

The Ultimate Swing Teacher

How It Works

The Swing Jacket has been engineered to guide you through a connected, on-plane swing.
A swing based on the core fundamentals of the best ball strikers and the optimal bio-mechanical swing for every body.
No matter your age, sex, experience, athleticism – no matter what – you’ll get results in minutes when you FEEL how an efficient, easy-to-repeat swing actually feels and you repeat THAT swing — shot after shot.

Why It Works

Golfers recognize the elegance and simplicity of the swings of the best ball strikers and understand that the simple rotation they are known for is the ‘engine’ that produces power in the golf swing. Watch Adam Scott hit a single shot and you KNOW he’s got a great swing!

The Swing Jacket encourages you to develop a swing based on rotation.  You’ll suddenly FEEL  the positions and sequences of a fundamentally sound swing without having to think about it.  And because the Swing Jacket makes each swing so consistent you quickly gain the confidence you need to take that swing to the course.

TourStop technology let’s you customize your Swing Jacket experience from full shots with any club in your bag, to the finesse shots around the green (pitch, chip and bunker play) and even those challenging half wedge shots.

Use It Anywhere And Still Get Results

The Human Performance Laboratory indicated that good reps are always helpful even if you’re not hitting full shots on the driving range PROVIDED you’re repeating the correct motion with the consistency needed to script the proper motion into muscle memory. The Swing Jacket is therefor a valuable resource for golfers who don’t have the luxury of heading to the range as often as they’d prefer. It’s also a great tool to tune up your swing at home after a long layoff or whenever you feel you’re swing is getting a little out of whack. Ralph Miller credits making practice swings with the Swing Jacket in his apartment with helping him win the Bard Capital Challenge Pro-Am live on Golf Channel.

Proof It Will Work For You

Watch as amateur golfers try the Swing Jacket for the first time.  No Instruction, no time to watch the excellent videos that come with the product.  Just strap it on and see what happens next.

40 years of lessons had failed to cure Al’s weak slice.  The instant the Swing Jacket put his swing on-plane his body responded and his weak slice gone.
Brodie’s disconnected swing produced push fades or snap hooks. With the Swing Jacket connecting his arms to his natural rotation he was striping everything.
Mychaela is an excellent high school golfer aspiring to a professional career. The Swing Jacket helped her add the distance and consistency needed to compete on Tour.

The Experts Share Their Opinions

GolfLife TV Review

Fox Sports TV Tests The Swing Jacket

Fox Sports’ GolfLife TV, is a golf equipment and lifestyle program that has aired on TV across the USA for over 20 years. Viewers wondered if the Swing Jacket could match all the hype. They invited Golf Channel and Golf Digest instructor Jeff Ritter and a few golfers to demo the product – and then they let the cameras roll.
No time to watch the excellent videos, no instruction on how to use it. Seemed like a recipe for disaster to the show’s host. See what happened next.

Toughest Equipment Critics At Top Magazines Test The Swing Jacket

One of the best” Four Star Rating

“A leading cause of power loss is “disconnection” — the arms moving out of sync with the body. Many aids try to teach “connection” and the best is the Swing Jacket. . . the only swing you can take is a full body turn with the rails forcing the arms into their proper movement.” Golf Magazine

“A Key Move Amongst Most Good Ball Strikers”

“The Swing Jacket is used by PGA Tour players and forces players to keep their arms and torso connected throughout the swing — a key move amongst good ball strikers.” Golf Digest Magazine

*Individual results will vary based on factors unique to each golfer.  Every Swing Jacket is backed by our exclusive Great Swing Guarantee and the support of our expert teaching staff.

Top Instructor Shocked By Result

Swing Jacket occasionally holds a a Demo Day so golfer can see for themselves how easy it is to improve with the Swing Jacket.
We invited Jeff Ritter, top Golf Digest and Golf Channel Instructor to participate. Hear his impressions of his first experience of watching amateur golfers try it the Swing Jacket for the first time.

Feel a PGA Tour-level swing with the Swing Jacket NOW!

Powerful — Accurate — Easy to Repeat.

“Changing any motor skill is very difficult. With the Swing Jacket golfers don’t think about mechanics… they just have to swing and it keeps them on the correct path.”

Bob MCArthur, Canadian PGA Teacher of the Year, Heritage Pointe Golf Club

“As a teacher there is only one way to teach the golf swing and that is through feel. All of the students I have put the Swing Jacket on are sold the minute they make a couple of swings. They look at me and say “AaHa I got it!”
Scott Orban, Head Professional, McKenzie Meadows Golf Club
Golf isn’t all that natural a game, it is more of a learned, acquired skill! The Swing Jacket is the best learning device I’ve ever encountered since it allows the student to feel the correct motion and gives them immediate feedback…
Dan Pasquariello, Assoc. Director, Pebble Beach Golf Academy

What If YOU Could Consistently Repeat A Great Swing?

Take A Great Swing For A Test Drive Today

Interesting proposition don’t you think?
And that’s what we’re offering you.

An opportunity to FEEL how a connected, on-plane actually feels. A chance to experience the positions and sequences of a great swing with every club in your bag, shot after shot.
The Swing Jacket imposes the consistency from shot to shot and from session to session needed to lock your powerful, accurate new swing into muscle memory.  No complicated swing thoughts, no trying to figure it out on your own.  You just put it on and let it do all the work, all the ‘thinking’ for you.

We know the Swing Jacket is going to deliver the distance, the accuracy and most importantly the consistency and confidence you’ve wanted since you took up the game. So we’ve put together an offer where we’ll take all the risk.  We hope you’ll agree this is a no brainer.

First, we’re offering you the complete Swing Jacket package for less than the cost of a single lesson from a top instructor, or the cost of a new hybrid or pitching wedge.

Second, we’ll back your Swing Jacket with our incredible 60 Day Great Swing Guarantee. If you’re not hitting the ball longer, more accurately and more consistently than EVER, if you don’t feel like you’re on the cusp of shooting a personal best round or . . . heck if you get amazing results and you want to return it for no reason at all, simply return it for a full refund.*
Third, we’ll back that Great Swing Guarantee with support from our expert teaching staff.  Based on our experience with hundreds of thousands of golfers just like you We expect you’re going to get results just like the golfers in the videos above.

BUT . .  If you don’t get great results your first time out then we want you to call us and speak with one of our instructors.  In our experience there will be something simple wrong with your set up that we can walk you through over the phone.

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But that will give you a sense of how effective the Swing Jacket is.

Everything About The Swing Jacket Is Unique . . .
Including The Fact That It Will Actually Work For You.

Perhaps you’ve notice that everything about the Swing Jacket and this web site is different than any other golf product.

The Swing Jacket physically guides you through each swing – so it does all the thinking, all the work for you.  Every other method of improving requires you to try to consciously change your swing;
We showed you the before, during and after shots of golfers using the Swing Jacket for the first time.  No other golf company can do that;

Top equipment critics have been told “if you can’t say something nice then …” That’s why the Swing Jacket is the only golf training aid with published reviews by ALL the top golf publications;
The best golf instructors tend not to endorse training products yet you’ve read reviews by many of them here;

No other golf product offers direct one on one support from their teaching staff if you don’t get immediate results

Nor do they offer you a 60 day Great Swing Guarantee;

You want to play better golf don’t you?  WAY better golf!

Let’s do this!  Click on the “Start Now” button below right now.

You’re going to be shocked at how fast and simple this is going to be.  You playing partners won’t know what hit ’em!

For a limited time Save 18%.  Use Coupon Code “Perfect” after you add the Swing Jacket solution to your cart.

The Complete Game Improvement Solution


  • Swing Jacket Tour Edition – Regular size fits men and women with chest sizes between 36″ – 53″ . Available in Right or Left Handed Models.
    Small size fits 26″ – 40″ chest size (9 year old child to Men’s M golf shirt size
  • Swing for Life DVD – Customers tell us this is the most helpful golf DVD they’ve ever watched. Expect many AHHA moments as we explain how the Swing Jacket will help you get the most out of your game.

  • Accelerator DVD This powerful DVD will teach you the secrets Tour Players and top instructors use to interpret ball flight patterns for a better understanding of your swing and how to gain further improvement. (Value = $49.95)
  • TourStop Technology – allows you to customize your sessions for your game
  • Designer carrying bag
  • Unconditional 60 Day Great Swing Guarantee – no questions asked
  • Telephone/Video Support from our Expert Teaching Staff
  • Free Ground shipping anywhere in the USA

Get Started Now

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*Individual results will vary based on factors unique to each golfer.  Every Swing Jacket is backed by our exclusive Great Swing Guarantee and the support of our expert teaching staff.