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It’s All About the Quality of Your Reps

Golfers memorize their golf swing based on the quality and consistency of their rep’s.  Most golfers struggle to improve because their swings have too many moving parts – flying elbows, over-the-top, chicken wings, casting etc..  Given that complexity is the enemy of consistency it’s really difficult to achieve the consistency needed to build muscle memory.  As a result, practice sessions seldom yield lasting results. 

The Swing Jacket physically guides you through a simple, easy-to-repeat, fundamentally sound swing. A swing with a minimum of moving parts yet capable of maximizing clubhead speed and smash factor (solid contact).  When you FEEL the positions and the sequences of a powerful, accurate swing AND you repeat THAT perfect swing with the consistency a Tour player would envy . . . your body memorizes it in a fraction of the time. 

No more wasted time on the range grinding over a million swing thoughts.  No more trying to figure it out for yourself.  Let the Swing Jacket do all the ‘thinking’ all that ‘work’ for you. 

Harness The Power of Your Core!

Every sport that requires athletes to build speed AND power leverages the power of your core.  Martial arts, baseball, hockey etc. build power from the ground up through rotation of the torso.  The Swing Jacket keeps your arms connected to, and moving in sync with, the rotation of your torso.  You’ll instantly FEEL what lag, release, weight transfer, on-plane, etc etc. actually feel like and see the long, accurate shots that pure, square contact delivers.  

Bill Walsh at Address using the Swing Jacket
2x – 3x Greater Accuracy

Rotation on-plane produces centrifugal force which causes your club to release naturally at impact. The Swing Jacket will train your body to produce the centrifugal energy that automatically squares your club face at impact for longer straighter, more accurate shots. 

No more trying to steer your shots toward your target, it now happens effortlessly, automatically.

Unimaginable Consistency

The Swing Jacket imposes the consistency needed to lock your powerful, accurate new swing into muscle memory quickly. You simply can’t achieve quality rep’s like this on your own.  That’s why so many Tour players use the Swing Jacket as their silent coach.

Your confidence soars as you hit it longer and more accurately than ever, shot after shot. Your game continues to improve every time you use the Swing Jacket.


Practicing the Olde Fashioned Way

Until now training your body to memorize an efficient, easy-to-repeat swing took a huge investment of time and money. It’s tough to commit to the ‘process’ (as Tiger likes to call it) when there’s no guarantee you’ll actually improve. The Swing Jacket changes all of that by taking a completely different approach:

FEEL ‘IT’ [ Until you FEEL the correct swing you won’t  ‘Get It’ . The Swing Jacket lets you feel it shot after shot]

REPEAT ‘IT’ [The more consistently you repeat your swing the faster your body memorizes it. The Swing Jacket imposes the consistency needed to lock in permanent results]

OWN ‘IT’ [Your confidence soars as you suddenly find you’re hitting everything longer and more accurately than EVER – without having to even think about it]

Feel It, Repeat It, Own It. How the Swing Jacket improves your golf game

Al Adds 40 Yards & 9x More Fairways in Minutes*Al Wanted to Improve — to Add Distance, Accuracy & ConsistencyBut without an iron clad guarantee he’d see immediate results he wasn’t willing to put in the effort… He’d been disappointed too many times in the past

A Completely Different Approach to Training Golfers

Does This Sound Familiar to YOU?

Al had invested thousands on lessons, video’s, training aids, and tons of new gear hoping to improve eliminate his weak slice. Nothing had worked. In his 70’s he’d given up on playing the good golf he knew he was capable of.

We show you ALL of Al’s shots when he tried the Swing Jacket. We show you his ‘before’ shots so you can see the swing he’d struggled with for decades. After putting on the Swing Jacket he took a few practice swings and then. . .

He hit 10 shots using the Swing Jacket (you get to see them all). Enough time to re-train his body? Enough time to develop the muscle memory of his powerful, accurate new swing? You be the judge.

Why The Swing Jacket Is So Effective

The Swing Jacket takes a completely different approach to training your body. An approach that:

  • Aligns with the way you’ve always learned physical skills
  • Simplifies everything about your game
  • Actually makes it difficult for you to make a bad swing
  • Does all the work – all the thinking for you

Until now improving your game was ALL UP TO YOU.

Whether you take a lesson, read something, watch a video or come up with an idea on your own YOU then have to figure out how you need to change your swing. Then YOU have to consciously manipulate (mutilate?) your mechanics to make the change. Here’s why that technique has failed most golfers:

  • The golf swing is the most complicated motion in all of sports
  • You can’t think your way through a swing that takes <1.5 seconds
  • Everything is inter-related – arms, hands, hips, shoulders
  • So a change in one area will affect many others
  • Your natural athleticism intervenes automatically when your swing gets out of position (disconnected or off-plane) This is the cause of most swing flaws (over-the-top, casting, etc.)
  • So your natural athleticism may work against you trying to improve
  • Muscle memory builds as you consistently repeat a given motion It’s tough to be consistent when you don’t know how the new motion FEELS
A variety of people using the Swing Jacket
Diagram of the One Plane Golf Swing generated by the Swing Jacket
In Training Lab with the Swing Jacket

Research and Development

The Swing Jacket emerged out of one of the boldest research and development projects ever undertaken in golf. Working with the world renowned Human Performance Laboratory we studied:The bio-mechanics of the optimal golf swing by studying golf’s greatest ball strikers; andHow golfers actually learn to repeat the proper motion.Our study concluded that two core swing fundamentals are key to any golfer developing a powerful, accurate, easy-to-repeat swing:


1. Connected:

When your arms work in sync with or connected to the rotation of your torso you’re able to harness the power of your core and release the club correctly

2. On-Plane:When your swing stays on a consistent swing plane from takeaway to finish it eliminates mid-swing adjustments – simplifying your motion and applying force from an optimal position.

As the engineering of the Swing Jacket evolved over 2.5 years and 52 prototypes we were shocked to find how these core fundamentals affected every aspect of the golf swing. Tempo, timing, balance, weight transfer, release and rotation all improved as our testers worked with the Swing Jacket. For some, it meant that repetitive stress conditions (golfer’s elbow, wrist, shoulder, hip and low back pain) vanished as they become more proficient with their powerful new swing.

Bottom Line: Regardless of your age, sex, athleticism, strength or flexibility your optimal bio-mechanical swing (your most efficient & effective motion) MUST be built on these fundamentals.

“Allows the student to feel the correct motion”

You folks have created the best learning device I have ever encountered since it allows the student to feel the correct motion and gives them immediate feedback. . . in this case, feel is real! Keep up the good work!!!”

Dan Pasquariello

Associate Director, Pebble Beach Golf Academy

Imagine how quickly your game will improve when every swing you take is PERFECT. Imagine experiencing the FEEL of a powerful, accurate swing shot after shot. What could be easier?

ALL the benefits — Distance, Accuracy, Consistency − NONE OF THE WORK!

The Swing Jacket is used by PGA Tour players and forces players to keep their arms and torso connected throughout the swing — a key move amongst most good ball strikers.
Golf Digest Magazine

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The Best Value Proposition in Golf

The Swing Jacket costs about the same as a couple of lessons from your local teaching pro, a new hybrid or the latest pitching wedge.

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If you don’t see dramatic, Holy Cow, results immediately you can return it for a full refund.

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