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What If You Could Buy A Great Golf Swing?

Powerful − Accurate − Consistent − Without Having To Put In The Work

Finally! A Short Cut To Great Golf

Imagine having a fast, easy, fool proof way to train your body to consistently repeat a swing that’s 20 – 50 yards longer AND more accurate.

Until now the challenge was that people could show you what your swing should look like or tell you what it should feel like but until you actually experienced it and repeated it consistently . . . it was tough to ‘get it’.

The patented Swing Jacket automatically trains your body to repeat a swing that mirrors the swings of the best players in the world. Experience the FEEL of a powerful, accurate swing, with every swing you take. Lock that swing into muscle memory in no time. Just wait ’til you bring that swing to your favorite track.

Revolutionary Technology Guides You Through Every Swing − Perfectly!


The Swing Jacket physically guides you through each swing – perfectly. No more thinking about your mechanics or how you need to improve — the Swing Jacket does all that thinking, and all the work, for you.

Train your body to repeat a simple, powerful on-plane golf swing in minutes. A swing that consistently delivers those long, accurate shots that feel so awesome and WOW your playing partners.

FEEL what a great swing feels like.

REPEAT that swing shot after shot.

LOCK that swing into muscle memory.

Nothing Could Be Faster or Easier

Will It Work For You?

It took us 2.5 years and 52 prototypes to engineer the patented Swing Jacket. Working with the some of the brightest minds in bio-mechanics, physiology and human motion performance at the world renowned Human Performance Laboratory we studied the golf swings of the top ball strikers of all time.

They all share two core swing fundamentals. Fundamentals that are essential for any golfer who wants a powerful, efficient, easy-to-repeat swing − yet absent in most amateur golfers’ swings.

With the Swing Jacket you FEEL a swing based on those fundamentals with every swing you take. So no matter your age, sex, experience, athleticism – no matter what, once you FEEL IT you’ll GET IT.

And you’ll continue to get better and better every time you use it

This video explains How and Why the Swing Jacket is so effective

What Do the Experts Think of the Swing Jacket?

The Toughest Equipment Critics At Top Magazines Test The Swing Jacket

Golf Digest March 2014 Cover

Golf Magazine reviews the Swing Jacket

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“A Key Move Amongst Most Good Ball Strikers”

“The Swing Jacket is used by PGA Tour players and forces players to keep their arms and torso connected throughout the swing — a key move amongst most good ball strikers.”

“One of the best” Four Star Rating

“A leading cause of power loss is “disconnection” — the arms moving out of sync with the body. Many training aids try to teach “connection” and one of the best is the Swing Jacket. . . the only swing you can take is a full body turn with the rails forcing the arms into their proper movement. It is particularly good for golfers who come over-the-top because it won’t let you disconnect.”

“It was an AH HA moment for me”

“Golfers rarely experience the elusive feel of a fluid swing, let alone implant it in their muscle memory. . . As I stood on the range hitting balls with the Swing Jacket it occurred to me that all I ever really wanted was to feel the correct motion. Free of swing thoughts . . . It was literally teaching my body what a fundamentally correct swing should feel like while I was hitting balls.”

“After 10 swings I was hooked”

“For me to be a true believer I had to test it myself and test it on others with different swing flaws. . . With all honesty I was somewhat skeptical about the aid as I thought it would be cumbersome and swing restrictive, but after ten swings I was hooked. . . The higher handicap’s terrible cast move completely went away . . . The female beginner could feel a real golf swing for the first time. . .”

“It was almost too good to be true”

“How in the world can this thing possibly work? Let me just say it now, this ranks up there with one of the weirdest and more awkward looking training aids on the market. After just a few swings it really is amazing. Not only is it simple to use, it actually works . . . It immediately fixed my swing

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Top Ranked Golf Instructors Rave About the Swing Jacket

“The ultimate instruction tool”

“it wasn’t until I was introduced to the Swing Jacket that I felt I had the ultimate instruction tool. All of a sudden anyone can feel the essential connection of the arms to the body turn. This is a major major thing. . . the feeling that Swing Jacket gives to golfers of all abilities is something that you can’t otherwise teach.” Jim Hardy, Top 10 Golf Instructor, author of The Plane Truth For Golfers

“Allows the student to feel the correct motion”

You folks have created the best learning device I have ever encountered since it does allow the student to feel the correct motion and gives them immediate feedback. . . in this case, feel is real! Keep up the good work!!!”

Dan Pasquariello, Associate Director, Pebble Beach Golf Academy, Pebble Beach, CA

“Great resource to simplify things”

“As an instructor for over 30 years I’m always trying to accelerate the pace of learning for my students. People are looking for instant gratification and the Swing Jacket is a great resource to communicate the correct feel. It takes away a lot of hitting balls . . .

Donald Crawley, Top 100 Golf Magazine Instructor, Boulders Golf Resort, Cave Creek, AZ

“Keeps you on the correct path”

“Changing any motor skill, like the golf swing, is very difficult. With the Swing Jacket golfers do not have to think about mechanics . . . they just have to swing and the Swing Jacket will keep them on the correct path.”

Bob MCArthur, Canadian PGA Teacher of the Year, Heritage Pointe Golf Club

Why Not Test Drive A Great Swing? Risk Free

That’s a pretty interesting proposition isn’t it? The Swing Jacket is so effective it literally gives you the opportunity to test drive a connected, on plane swing. See how it feels to hit it longer and straighter shot after shot. Notice how quickly your body starts to memorize that powerful new motion. No one has to know you’re using the Swing Jacket because its training your body whether you use it while hitting ball on the range, whiffle balls in the back yard or making practice swings in the house while you watch TV.

Will you tell your pals your secret when they notice the dramatic improvement in your swing and how much farther you’re hitting it? Could be fun to keep them in the dark for a while.

We KNOW you’d like to play better because you’re a golfer and every one of us wants to play better – a lot better!

And, we know you’re a skeptic – again because you’re a golfer. Every golf company (including us) promises to improve your game. Yet the average handicap hasn’t changed in over 50 years. Experts agree that 80% of your results are directly related to the quality of your swing. You’re equipment affects only 10% of your results.

Can you name another golf company that’s trying to make it easier for you to learn a highly effective swing? In fact, most instructors and golf companies are making the game more complex. Do you feel that knowing your spin rate, flex points, launch angle, etc. etc. makes it easier for you to groove a high performance swing? Does comparing your swing to a PGA Tour Pro who may be a different size or shape automatically improve your swing? Or does it just give you more stuff to think about?

The Swing Jacket represents one of those quantum leaps that redefines the game from time to time. Woods used to be made of wood until modern technology proved to be more effective. And it used to take hours of dedicated practice to make even the smallest swing change. The Swing Jacket changes all of that by making it easy to train your body to repeat a high performance swing.



So Why Is The Swing Jacket So Much More Effective Than Anything Else?

  1. The Swing Jacket represents the application of the latest advancements in bio-mechanics and human motion performance. We spent our R&D dollars studying the optimal bio-mechanical swing and how golfers learn an athletic motion. In the end we invested just under $1M bringing the Swing Jacket to market.
  2. Until now, every method of improving your game required you to do all the work. YOU get some advice or instruction from a teacher, book, video, etc. then YOU try to figure out out how that advice relates to YOUR swing. Then, YOU consciously try to change your swing to give effect to the advice. And if the change works YOU needed to repeat the ‘new swing’ consistently enough to lock it into your muscle memory. The Swing Jacket take the opposite approach by doing all that thinking and all that ‘work’ for you.
  3. We walk the talk. We promise the Swing Jacket will work for you in less than 10 swings and we prove it to you. No other golf company shows you their product delivering results in real time. We show you the before, during and after shots of more than a dozen golfers. Golfers of every age, swing problem, experience level. You get to watch their swings evolve, see the results for yourself and hear what they have to say about their experience. Click here to watch more videos of golfers like you.
  4. Whether you use your Swing Jacket on the driving range while you hit full shots with any club in your bag, in the back yard hitting whiffle balls or in the living room making practice swings while you watch TV, every swing you take is so consistent it’s automatically training your body to repeat that motion out on the course. No one has to know you’re secretly grooving a great swing.
  5. We back every Swing Jacket with our 90 day Great Swing Guarantee AND we provide you with support from our expert teaching staff so you’ll not only get great results you’ll get the best results possible.

Over 100,000 Swing Jacket customers are already playing the best golf of their lives – longer, more accurate, more consistent. Five of the more than 50 PGA Tour players who made the Swing Jacket part of their training regime won on Tour within weeks of starting to train with it. Are you ready to see just how quickly and easily your game will improve. How much farther do you think you can hit it? How low could your scores go?

What do you think it’s cost you in time and money for each stroke you’ve shaved off your handicap? Swing Jacket owners report an average handicap reduction of 4.3 strokes in the first 6 months – and their handicaps continues to drop from there. For less than the cost of a new hybrid or a single lesson from a top instructor you can have the Swing Jacket as your personal swing coach ready to take your game to better and better play.

Take a great swing for a test drive today. Click on the Start Here button below and get ready to start playing the best golf of your life.

Swing Jacket
“When I put on the Swing Jacket the results were immediate. I didn’t have to spend six months trying to learn a new swing, it was instantaneous.”


      • Swing Jacket Tour Edition (Fits 36″ – 53″ chest sizes; Small fits 26″ – 40″)
      • Swing for Life DVD – Customers tell us this is the most helpful golf DVD they’ve ever watched. Expect many AH HA moments as we explain how the Swing Jacket will help you get the most out of your game.
      • TourStop Technology – allows you to customize your sessions for your game
      • Designer carrying bag
      • Unconditional 90 Day Great Swing Guarantee – no questions asked
      • Telephone/Video Support from our Expert Teaching Staff


      • Accelerator DVD This powerful DVD will teach you the secrets Tour Players and top instructors use to interpret ball flight patterns for a better understanding of your swing and how to gain further improvement. (Value = $49.95)
      • TaylorMade Performance Center Discount Swing Jacket customers save $250 on a Tour level custom club fitting at TayloreMade Performance Centers world wide. (Value = $250.00)
      • Free Ground shipping in the USA

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