What if you could naturally & automatically master YOUR uniquely perfect swing?

And experience that indescribable golfers’-high when you start to hitting it 30 to 50 yards farther shot after shot?

•  Without experiencing the frustration of confusing & contradictory “swing thoughts”

•  Without wasting your precious time and money

•  Without becoming so overwhelmed with meaningless data that it saps your enjoyment and screws up your game

•  And without falling into that same old trap you’ve experienced countless times before.

Want to know the secret to increasing your distance, accuracy & consistency? In 10 Swings or Less?


You need to SIMPLIFY your swing, the way you learn the golf swing and the way you groove your swing. Stop overthinking it. Sounds simple enough but . . . how can you change your swing to simplify it without thinking about what you’re trying to do?

As you may already know, it is virtually impossible to simplify your swing by watching and attempting to mirror the moves of others. In fact, most golfers struggle to make even the smallest swing change, regardless of how much they practice.

Watch What Happens When Golfers Simplify Their Swings

Each golfer was allowed to take 10 swings with the Swing Jacket. Enough time for their bodies to notice their swing was connected and on-plane and drop their swing flaws? Enough time for them to add distance AND accuracy AND consistency? Enough to begin scripting the new swing into muscle memory? You be the judge.

You have probably already learned that to lock a better swing into your muscle memory you need to FEEL it and then repeat it, over and over again. As the masters say, “You can’t get IT until you feel IT”. And that’s your challenge, isn’t it?  If you can’t get IT until you FEEL IT how can you improve when you don’t know what ‘IT’ feels like?

Imagine yourself repeating a gorgeous swing like, say, Adam Scott’s—connected, on-plane, everything working together seamlessly. How long do you think it will take your body to memorize that motion when you repeat it perfectly, consistently?

Instead of practicing the swing we REALLY want to take to the course we struggle trying to find IT with little tweeks here, swing thought there.  It’s not your fault that’s how we’ve all learned to play and improve.  And it can be pretty frustrating.

How many times have you wondered, “Isn’t there a better way?”


The Swing Jacket makes it easy for you to train your body to memorize a simple, repeatable swing because it does all the ‘thinking’ for you.  The patented Swing Jacket physically guides you through a connected, on plane swing just like those of all the greatest ball strikers.  You’ll instantly FEEL IT.


You may have already heard how Swing Jacket has helped more than 100,000 amateur golfers, or that 5 of the more than 54 PGA Tour Pros who use the Swing Jacket won within weeks of making it part of their practice routines.

What you may not realize until now is how the science behind Swing Jacket can help you accurately send your ball where you’d like to see it land. How? Because it automatically trains your body to get ‘IT’, delivering results far beyond what you can imagine today.

Because Swing Jacket was engineered by some of the brightest minds in bio-mechanics and scientifically grounded in evidence-based physiology it is unlike anything you’ve seen or tried.  We tested 52 prototypes on almost 200 golfers over a 2.5 years of intensive R&D.  Some find the technology a bit overwhelming. You can take a deep breath and stop worrying you don’t need to understand the science because while we invested more than $1,000,000 bringing the Swing Jacket to market, using it is simple.


To put your mind at ease, and help you understand why more than 100,000 golfers & 54 amateurs swear by Swing Jacket, here are answers you may want to know before you buy.

Frequently Answered Questions


Why will Swing Jacket work for me when nothing else has? 

Every other method of improving your swing—like lessons, swing tips and alternative training aids requires that YOU do all the work.  YOU have to figure out how the advice relates to your swing, YOU have to figure out what you need to change, then YOU have to consciously manipulate (or mutilate) some part of your swing to try to implement the advice.  Then, if it works, YOU have to try to repeat the new move consistently enough to lock it into muscle memory.

The Swing Jacket does all the ‘thinking’, all that work for you.  You simply strap it on and swing.  It guides you through the optimal bio-mechanics motion that’s right for you.  No swing thoughts, no more ‘trying’ to get better.  Now it’s automatic.

Working with the world renowned Human Performance Laboratory, we studied the swings of top ball strikers. We found they all shared two core fundamentals. Fundamentals that are critical to you developing a better swing.  The Swing Jacket has been engineered to automatically train you to repeat a swing that mirrors the core fundamentals all the best ball strikers share.

In testing 52 prototype designs on almost 200 golfers we found that EVERYONE, regardless of age, sex, strength, flexibility, experience . . . no matter what, improved the instant the Swing Jacket connected their arms to the rotation of their torso and kept their swing on a consistent swing plane.  The Swing Jacket will encourage you to get more rotation in your swing and to stay on a consistent plane, all within your physical capabilities and flexibility.  Our oldest customer is 93 and recently told us he’s ‘jacked’ at how much farther he’s hitting it now.

How can I be sure the Swing Jacket will teach me the swing that’s the right swing for me?



How Does Swing Jacket

Improve Your Swing So Quickly?


The root cause of every swing flaw is your natural athleticism trying to re-route the club mid-swing. Your body reacts the instant your swing gets disconnected or off-plane. So flaws like over-the-top, casting, chicken wings, reverse pivots etc. are examples of the clever ways your body tries to re-route the club.

Here is why Swing Jacket corrects your swing so quickly.

The Swing Jacket keeps your swing on-plane and connected. So, within 2 or 3 swings, the athleticism that’s been making those mid-swing adjustments recognizes they’re no longer necessary.

The result? Now your natural athleticism focuses on memorizing your powerful new swing and refining your motion rather than fighting to get the club back into position. You may be shocked at just how well you’ll hit every shot.

By dynamically linking your arms and shoulder turn to the power of your core, Swing Jacket keeps your swing connected—allowing you to experience a simple, powerful, accurate and consistent swing by addressing the 2 CORE fundamentals common to all the best ball strikers.

The kind of swing you see the Tour Players completing again and again.

Because the Swing Jacket makes your swing so consistent, you’ll be imprinting a perfect on-plane swing into your muscle memory with every swing you take. So you’ll best your golf buddies, leaving them wondering what you’ve done to achieve such overnight improvement.

The result? Swing Jacket gets everything you need working together.

How Does Swing Jacket Help Me Experience Greater Accuracy, Consistency & Distance with Every Swing?


How can the Swing Jacket improve every facet of my swing? 


Excellent question! Most amateur golfers try to produce club head speed by swinging with their arms and flipping their hands. Their swings are disconnected from, rather than being synced up with, the rotation of the torso.  Picture the swings of great ball strikers like Adam Scott and Ernie Els.  Their swings stay on a consistent swing plane and their arms are synced up with the rotation of their bodies.  Everything works together when your swing is connected.

Elements like tempo, timing, weight transfer, balance, rhythm and release all naturally flow from the rotation of your torso.

Most golfers experience what they call their  “AH HA” moment in 10 swings or less.  They say they’re aware of the Swing Jacket for their first few swings and they can feel that their swing is different but most can’t put a finger on what has changed.  They use terms like cohesive, controlled, everything working together.

And that is one of the great things about using the Swing Jacket, you won’t be ‘working’ on anything.  You’ll just be making swings and delighting in the results.

Here’s the real beauty of Swing Jacket. Because you’re rapidly ingraining the new muscle memories that allow you to perform at your best, you can use it in your living room or backyard with whiffle balls before you play, and step out onto the course full of confidence — ready to best your buddies — and no one will know the wiser.

The Swing Jacket will become your silent swing teacher ready to take your game to what ever level you aspire to.

How long will I have to use the Swing Jacket before I see an easily noticeable improvement?


Why do you offer a 90 “try it and like it or your money back—no questions asked” guarantee?


We offer you 90 days to try it now because we’ve been where you are today, wondering if this is really going to work.  We didn’t feel like the “30 days” offered by most golf gear companies was long enough to allow you to see what you’re truly capable of. We’ve sold more than 100,000 units so we know this is going to work for you. We know it’s in your best interest to try it because golf is just more FUN when you’re playing well. Here’s the bottom line: try it for 90 days and get a great swing, if you don’t like it for any reason at all simply return it for a 100% refund of your purchase price. We’re taking all the risk so you can finally get the great swing you deserve.

Does it seem contradictory that we tell you you’ll see results in less than 10 swings but we offer a 90 day Great Swing Guarantee? Not really.  We know that you’re not looking for a band aid, for a quick little tweek that will give you a few yards here or there.  You’re looking for REAL, lasting results and once you’ve tucked those safely into your swing you’ll want to go further — longer, more accurate and still greater consistency.  Right?

We want you to have enough time to be satisfied that the Swing Jacket is not going to join all those other golf products you don’t use any more.  To know that it is going to become an essential resource you’ll come back to for a little refresher any time your swing starts to feel a little wonky or any time you’re ready to take your game to another level.

Make no mistake, the Swing Jacket is not a fashion statement. However, once people watch you stripe a dozen shots at a distant target they’ll all want one so they can hit the ball as purely as you.

Some of our users report being a little self-conscious to use it out on the range when they first got it.  But once they saw results by just swinging at home they wanted to use it on the range to take their game to successively higher levels.

The great news is that you can get game changing results in the privacy of your backyard or living room. However, if you ever run across the more than 50 pros who swear by Swing Jacket, you’ll notice them hitting balls with it on the range, especially early in the week while their refining their swing for the upcoming tournament.

Because the more you use your Swing Jacket, the faster you’ll break through your comfort zone and the faster you’ll consistently gain that accuracy and distance you desire.

Do offer Swing Jacket in different colors, designs or styles?

Bill DTL top of backswing crop

How will Swing Jacket help me eliminate swing flaws like over-the-top, over-swinging, reverse pivot, chicken wing, inside-out etc. ?


All the major swing are the result of a deeper problem rather than the problem itself.  Let me explain.  You are incredibly athletic.  When your swing gets disconnected or off-plane your body responds, mid-swing, by trying to get your swing back into position.

All of the common swing flaws mentioned above are examples of the clever ways your body adjusts your mechanics mid-swing. The reason you may have struggled to eliminate these flaws is your swing was still disconnected, so you were actually fighting against your own athleticism as you tryied to stop yourself from committing the flaw.

The Swing Jacket effortlessly guides you through a connected, on-plane swing.  Within 2 or 3 swings your body will realize there’s no longer a need to re-route the club.  Et voila! Your swing flaws and a lot of the wayward shots you used to hit will disappear.

That’s why Swing Jacket has proven to work for golfers who struggle with every imaginable swing flaw, easily correcting and perfecting your swing even if you’re plagued with…

  Over Swinging

  Reverse Pilot

  Chicken Wing

 Inside Out


  And more…

Unless you put Swing Jacket on upside down, Swing Jacket is guaranteed to work. Some even say it’s “idiot proof”. If you pull it out of the box and can’t figure out how to put it on, check out the handy set up guide that comes in the box. You’ll learn how to put it on, adjust it to your liking, and begin training your body to repeat a powerful, efficient swing with it in minutes.

How? Because Swing Jacket’s full game improvement system comes with two powerful DVD’s that use simple language to give you answers when you think you’re doing something wrong.

If you have a specific question, or perplexing problem, remember, Swing Jacket users are never alone. You can always call your free 90 day support coach, and they’ll walk you through the simple mechanics of adorning it and using it. The truth is that if more than 100,000 golfers and 54 Tour Pros can use it to win, so can you.

Is Swing Jacket easy to “figure out”?



Want to See How Your Score, Handicap,

Accuracy & Distance Will Improve?

See What Amateur & Pro Golfers are Saying…

Insert video here?

“…change was unbelievable..”

“Before I tried the Swing Jacket I couldn’t even get the ball airborne. With the Swing Jacket the change was unbelievable… I started hitting these beautiful shots. Now I understand why people love this game so much. ”

Janet Ginther, beginner


This Man Saved More than $1400 He Would Have Spent on Lessons

And Beat His Trainer’s Goals 3 Months Early

(insert full email as we discussed)


“30+ Longer Off the Tee but for me the best part is…”

“I wrote this e-mail for all those people who are like I was – wondering if the Swing jcket is for real. Well its the real McCoy alright, I am almost 2 clubs longer, probably 30+ longer off the tee but for me the best part is my consistency.  This is the best training aid I’ve used.  and I’ve tried them all.  John Smithers


“…was slicing the ball all over the place…put on Swing Jacket…170 yards down the middle…”

I was at the golf range and I was slicing the ball all over the place… I put on the Swing Jacket and whacked the ball about 170 yards down the middle with my 6 iron. This is a product that actually works like it was advertised. — Demetrius Augmon

“more good solid shots than rest of golf career combined”

In the 15 minutes I had the Swing Jacket on, I hit more good, “solid” shots than in the rest of my golf career combined! Nancy Davis

“high 90’s to shooting 79”

“When I finally put on the Swing Jacket and started to feel what a golf swing is supposed to do, I went from the high 90s to shooting in the 80’s and my last round was a 79.” – Jason Kaller, Phoenix, AZ

“the results were immediate”

“When I put on the Swing Jacket the results were immediate. I didn’t have to spend six months trying to learn a new swing, it was instantaneous.” Scott Barnett

“first 5 birdie round”

“The Jacket and the DVD have done more for my game than all the lessons. I recorded my first 5 birdie round last weekend from the blue tees…” Charles Schutte

“already feeling a big difference to my swing”

“I am very impressed with the results so far. After three times to the practice tee I am already feeling a big difference to my swing. It is easy to see the more you use the jacket the better the results will be.” Wayne Gower, Whangarei, New Zealand

See Why Tom Pernice Praises Swing Jacket

“The thing I like the most is that you know you’re working on the right things when you use the Swing Jacket,” Pernice explained. “I’ve been using it once or twice a week for years to keep me on track and to let me know if something is not quite right.”

Hear How Scott McCarron Has Improved with Swing Jacket

The Swing Jacket taught me how to swing the club down properly from the top with my body…I’m swinging on a better plane now…I’m definitely hitting the ball much straighter

Learn How One Aspiring Tour Player is Getting Wins

I tried the Swing Jacket in Florida. Their new model is awesome, it is easier to adjust and use! The best ideas are said to often be the easiest. But this is a complicated idea that works surprisingly well! Swing Jacket is no straitjacket, but it forces you to swing better. – Madelline Zeigert

See Why Dan Pasquariello of

Pebble Beach Academy Calls Swing Jacket “The BEST”

“You folks have created the best learning device that I have ever encountered, since it does allow the student to feel the correct motion and gives them immediate feedback. In this case, the feel is real.”


Society of golf addicts calls the Swing Jacket “The   Finest Training Technology We’ve Ever Seen”

“This is the finest training technology we have ever seen. We are recommending it to all of our members.” –The Golf Nut Society

“Never Seen Anything Deliver These Kind of Results”

I’ve never seen anything that can deliver these kinds of results. Buy all the clubs you want but the Swing Jacket will make you a much better player way faster.”—Ken Conroy, Springback Links

Rick Young, Golf Equipment Guru Says “see a massive benefit”

 “The Swing Jacket flat out works and users will see a massive benefit. It was a god-send for me.”


When you invest in Swing Jacket, you’re getting more than a tool guaranteed to improve your swing in 10 swings or less.

           You’re getting support you’d pay $1,000’s for anywhere else.

You’ll Get LIVE Skype Coaching, Email & Phone Support from the Best


When you buy the Swing Jacket you’re never alone during your full 90 day Great Swing Guarantee period.  If you find that you’re not hitting the ball better than ever after you watched our DVD’s and tried the practice drills you have access to our skilled trainers.

We can afford to provide this unheard of level of support because the Swing Jacket is going to deliver on the promise of great golf.  Candidly, if your not getting results far beyond what you think is reasonable then it’s going to be one of two things.

First, you may not have the physical strength to actually harness the added power you’re going to create.  It doesn’t happen often but a couple of customers in their late 80′s developed so much more power in their swing they didn’t have the strength in the hands and forearms to keep their wrists from breaking down at impact.

Second, you’re not following our simple set up instructions or your ‘fighting’ against the bio-mechanics the Swing Jacket is trying to teaching you.  If you’re not getting results we’ll have you send us some video of a couple of swings.  We’ll watch it and provide you with feedback by e-mail, telephone call or, by Skype.

Everything you’ll need to get the most out of your Swing Jacket right out of the gate.  Expect many Ah Ha moments as we explain the how’s and why’s of a good set up, the how’s and why’s of the two core swing fundamentals the Swing Jacket is going to forge as the cornerstones of your swing.

You’ll Get the Quick-Start Swing For Life DVD


You’ll Get the Accelerator DVD


Want to really understand your swing? Know what those cause and effect relationships are so when you hit a wayward shot on the course you’ll know instantly how to correct it?

Our incredible Accelerator DVD offers you the secrets top instructors use to diagnose their student’s swings and prescribe the right solution.

Please understand that you can still mess up while you’re using the Swing Jacket.  Generally, if you’re not hitting the ball rock solid it’s something in your set up.

Simply pop in the Accelerator DVD which answers your most commonly asked questions using simple language, allowing you go beyond “practice” and return to the golf course in record time.



Plus you’ll get a value-adding FREE bonus as our way of saying Thank You for trying Swing Jacket.



Bonus #1 TourStop Technology
TourStops are an ingenious enhancement to the Swing Jacket that allows you to customize your sessions to best suit your game.  TourStops snap on rails and can be positioned to limit how far your arm cuffs can travel along the rail.

Looking to develop more width in your backswing?  A TourStop on the right rail will encourage you to make a full shoulder turn in your backswing.

Want to learn to release the club through impact just like a players on the PGA Tour?  A TourStop on the left rail will encourage you to release the club properly and continue turning through impact (so you harness the full power of your core).

Value: $19.95

What’s the Best News?

Swing Jacket is certainly affordable. In fact, when you consider the cost of lessons, training videos or new equipment the Swing Jacket is an incredible value.

Before asking you to invest in Swing Jacket, you should look around. Do you agree that the quality of your swing is always going to be the silent governor that limits your success?  If the methods you’ve tried in the past to improve your swing have not taken your game to where you know you’re capable of playing perhaps testing the Swing Jacket is the prudent thing to do. Swing Jacket is more affordable than most high-tech golf gadgets

 Get Swing Jacket Today for Just $174 $147




“WOW…45 minutes in your Swing Jacket has done more for my golf game than hours of lessons.”

“When I put on the Swing Jacket the results were immediate. I didn’t have to spend six months trying to learn a new swing, it was instantaneous.” Scott Barnett

Try Swing Jacket for 90 Days. Let Us Take All the Risk.

The great thing about Swing Jacket is the more you use it, the more you’ll see an improvement in your handicap, score, and enjoyment of the game. Because golf is more fun when you play better, wouldn’t you agree? So what if you use it, and see results, but still aren’t impressed? We will gladly hand you back 100% of your investment in the first 90 days, no questions asked.


Listen. Many Swing Jacket users didn’t feel like they were great athletes when they ordered it. So they didn’t expect to get the results we talk about here.  But after their first session with the Swing Jacket they had a whole new perspective.  Their body dropped their swing flaws like the bad habits they are in their first session.

Your body understands bio-mechanics. It’s what your body is programmed to do. When you allow your natural athleticism to work for you instead of trying to get your swing back into position, you’re going to be shocked at what a jock you are.