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The Swing Jacket is unlike any other golf product in the way it works, the results it delivers and the time it takes to deliver those results. In fact, until you understand the science behind it, the how’s and why’s behind its performance, you will find it hard to believe it can deliver such dramatic results.

We invested almost $1,000,000 and spent 2.5 years on intensive R&D to bring the Swing Jacket to market.  Working with some of the brightest minds in bio-mechanics, physiology and human motion science with the world renowned Human Performance Laboratory we studied YOU.  We sought to understand why the game can be so challenging to most of us, the characteristics of the optimal bio-mechanical swing, the fundamentals of the swings of the best ball strikers of all time and how you learn and ‘memorize’ an athletic motion.

With that strong scientific foundation we engineered a product that actually delivers the results every golfer, from Tour Pro to raw beginner, is seeking.

Below you’ll learn the details of how and why the Swing Jacket is so effective, why you might have found it difficult to make substantial, handicap dropping improvements in the past, and why the Swing Jacket makes it so simple.  Hint:  It does all the work for you.

Plus we provide tons of proof (the science that went into engineering the product, videos of over a dozen first time Swing Jacket users, reviews by the toughest equipment editors of top golf magazines, glowing testimonials from leading golf instructors and countless unsolicited customer comments). When you spend a few minutes reviewing this information you’ll understand why we can offer the longest, most comprehensive guarantee in the industry and back that guarantee with individual support from our expert instructors

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 Can The Swing Jacket Really Deliver Results in Minutes?

Before we get into the details, here are a few videos of amateurs trying the Swing Jacket for the first time. As you’ll see they have very different swing flaws. You may notice we’re the only company that is able to show you each golfer’s swing before they try the Swing Jacket, then show you their shots using the Swing Jacket (we only allowed them to hit 10 balls) and finally, we show you their ‘after’ shots.  All in real time.  You can expect similar results when you try the Swing Jacket.

Lonnie adds 100 Yds + Accuracy

Lonnie was in the dirt so often his pals called him ‘Pig Pen’. Watch his violent slice disappear as he gains 100 yards and 80% in accuracy after only 4 swings using the Swing Jacket.

Al C. Adds 30 – 50 yards

Al’s weak slice had plagued him for decades. He’d tried everything to fix it. After a couple of practice swings he hit 10 shots with the Swing Jacket. Enough to fix his slice?

Jason was REALLY Frustrated ..

“Each teacher tells me something completely different. I have so much nonsense going on in my mind . . . . What shocked me was my muscles remembered the swing after only 10 shots. “

We have videos of many more amateurs and pros to share with you so let’s move on so you understand how it’s possible for the Swing Jacket to deliver results like this.


What is the Swing Jacket?

The Swing Jacket is golf’s first learning accessory.  It was engineered to automatically train your body to memorize the optimal bio-mechanical swing that’s right for your body.

Arm cuffs on your biceps slide along precisely formed rails guiding you through a connected, on-plane swing — perfectly.  You FEEL the correct positions and sequences every swing you take.

Out on the course it’s all about FEELING the swing and repeating it consistently.  The Swing Jacket lets you experience a proper swing shot after shot.

How Does it Work?

The Swing Jacket works by physically guiding you through a simple, easy to repeat swing. A swing that consistently delivers those long, accurate shots we all love to hit.  You simply put it on and let it do all the work, all the thinking for you.  When you FEEL the positions and sequences of a swing that embodies the core fundamentals of the best ball strikers you’ll ‘get it’ instantly.

Whether you use the Swing Jacket on the range hitting full shots with any club in your bag, in the back yard hitting whiffle balls or making practice swings in the living room you’re automatically training your body to repeat the optimal bio-mechanical swing that’s right for you.

The Swing Jacket imposes a level of consistency on each swing you simply can’t achieve on your own. Your confidence soars as you hit shot after shot long and straight.

Tour players use the Swing Jacket to groove their best swing

Tour pros on the range at the Barclay’s Championship

Tour Pro uses the Swing Jacket

Perfect position at the top of the back swing

Why Does it Work?

The Swing Jacket will work for you even if nothing else has.  Why? Our approach makes it hard to fail.

The challenge with traditional training techniques is they require YOU to do all the work, all the heavy lifting if you will.  You get an idea of how your swing could improve (instructor, book, DVD, TV, etc.).  YOU then have to figure out how that relates to your swing and how YOU need to change it, then YOU have to consciously manipulate (or mutilate?) some part of your swing to try to implement the change. If it works? YOU have to try to repeat the new move consistently enough to lock it into muscle memory.

The patented Swing Jacket makes it easy to develop a great swing because it does all the ‘thinking’, all that work for you. You simply strap it on and let it effortlessly guide you through a simple, repeatable, on-plane swing. No swing thoughts, no more ‘trying’ to get better. Now it’s automatic.

So now the question is . . . is that the right swing for you?

The Science Behind The Swing Jacket

The golf swing is THE most complex motion in all of sports.  When we started our R&D we thought our product would need to be every bit as complex.  Turns out we were dead wrong.

We retained the world renowned Human Performance Laboratory to help us understand the characteristics of the optimal bio-mechanical swing.  We studied the swings of the best ball strikers, analyzed the swings flaws common to amateurs and learned the optimal conditions athletes need to develop muscle memory efficiently.

The more we learned about the swing the more simple our solution became. 

As the HPL analyzed 3D models of the swings of expert golfers we realized all the best ball strikers share two swing fundamentals.  Fundamentals that also form the foundation of what the HPL determined is the optimal bio-mechanical swinging motion.  As we tested 52 prototype designs it became obvious that regardless of age, sex, physicality, flexibility etc., the instant a golfer’s swing gets connected and on-plane they add distance (30 – 50 yards), accuracy (50 – 75% reduction in dispersion) and consistency.





The Core Fundamentals That Are Critical To Your Success

All the best ball strikers share two key swing fundamentals:

On Plane:  Their swings stay on a consistent swing plane from takeaway through finish; and

Connected: Their arms are connected to, or move in sync with, the rotation of their torso.

Most amateurs have disconnected, off-plane swings so their swings have a lot of unnecessary moving parts that sap power and accuracy.  Connected, on-plane swings are actually quite simple (so they’re easier to learn and easy to repeat consistently) and they develop more centrifugal force (so they harness the power of the your core).

If you’d prefer to have a swing that consistently hits it long and straight yet requires very little maintenance these fundamentals are key.  As we dissected the most common amateur golfer swing flaws back to their root cause those swing fundamentals became even more important  . . .

Lonnies Story

Why Those Fundamentals Are Critical to YOUR Game

Distill every major swing flaw back to its root cause and you’ll find the problem is disconnection. Disconnection occurs when your swing gets either off plane or your arms aren’t synced up with the rotation of your torso.

When your swing gets disconnected your body intervenes, mid swing, by trying to get your club back into position. Common swing flaws like over-the-top, casting, inside-out, outside-in, reverse pivots, chicken wings etc. are examples of the clever ways golfers’ bodies try to get the club back into position.  Many golfers struggle to make lasting improvement because they work on eliminating the swing flaw (over-the-top for example) without fixing the underlying issue (disconnection)

The Swing Jacket makes it difficult for you to get off-plane or to disconnect.  Your body is going to recognize there’s no longer a need to re-route your club within a couple of swings and Swing flaws that may have plagued you for years will vanish within a few swings. You’ll gain 30 to 50 yards because you’ll hit it flush while harnessing the power of your core. Best of all, you’ll gain the consistency you need to bring home lower and lower scores.

Accelerating Muscle Memory Development

Through extensive studies the HPL has found that under the ideal set of conditions listed below athletes can compress the time it takes to lock a new motion into muscle memory by upwards of 90%.

1. Practice your optimal swing.

The old expression “practice makes perfect” only works if you’re repeating a perfect swing. Do you sometimes feel practicing ‘your’ swing is not really making you a better player?

2. Consistently repeat that swing.

The more consistently you repeat any motion the more reliable the muscle memory. If you’re trying to think your way through swing changes consistency suffers.

3. Focus on feel NOT your mechanics.

HPL studies found that the time it takes to train your body increases dramatically when athletes are focused on mechanics.

4. Game-like conditions.

To build muscle memory that will stand up out on the course you need to perform in game-like conditions — using your clubs, hitting full shots, focused on a target.

The Swing Jacket has been engineered to automatically create these optimal conditions.  Nothing builds confidence as quickly as having the full sensory experience of hitting it long and straight, shot after shot.

Swing Thoughts

The Swing Jacket gives you a choice of feeling like the fellow above or wiping that slate clean and letting the Swing Jacket do all the work for you.

Equipment Critics From Top Golf Publications Review The Swing Jacket

“With all honesty I was somewhat skeptical of this aid as I thought it would be cumbersome and swing restrictive, but after 10 swings I was hooked. … No one has the perfect swing but the Swing Jacket does. In the case of this training aid feel is most definitely real.”

Greg Sampson, New England Golf Magazine.

“This ranks up there with one of the weirdest and more awkward looking training aids on the market. But after just a few swings, it really is amazing. Not only is it simple to use, it actually works at fixing your swing. . .”

Ryan Heiman, Independent Golf Reviews.

It was literally teaching my body what a fundamentally correct swing should feel like while I was hitting balls. For me, it was an AH HA moment. Free of swing thoughts, I was hitting balls wearing this contraption and I could instantly tell that my swing was different, more in control with a better ball flight.

Leonard Finkel, Golf Tips Magazine

Top Instructors Rave About the Swing Jacket

Jim Hardy, author of The Plane Truth For Golfers

“it wasn’t until I found the Swing Jacket that I found the ultimate instruction tool. All of a sudden anyone can feel the essential connection of the arms to the body turn. This is a major major thing. … the feeling that Swing Jacket gives to golfers of all abilities is something that you can’t otherwise teach.”

Bob MCArthur, Canadian PGA Teacher of the Year,
“Changing any motor skill, like the golf swing, is very difficult. With the Swing Jacket golfers do not have to think about mechanics… they just have to swing and the Swing Jacket will keep them on the correct path.”

Dan Pasquariello, Pebble Beach Golf Academy

“You folks have created the best learning device I’ve ever encountered, since it allows the student to feel the correct motion and gives them immediate feedback. In this case, the feel is real.”

Don Crawley, Top 50 Golf Digest Instructor

“We have to get on to the practical, simple mechanics of hitting the ball correctly.  And the Swing Jacket is a great resource to simplify things.  It takes out a lot of hitting golf balls…”

When we started the R&D for the Swing Jacket our investors reminded us of this quote by Einstein. They did not want us to get ‘trapped’ into traditional golf thinking – what they called ‘persimmon’ thinking.  Do you remember the days of persimmon woods?  And do you remember your thoughts when Gary Adams introduced the Metal Wood or Ely Callaway the first Big Bertha?

Golfers tend to resist change. Until, that is, they find that they simply can’t compete with golfers using the latest technology.  We’re all hitting metal woods. And we’ll never go back to balata balls.  Now that the USGA has put a ceiling on the performance of all types of equipment the best players are working on the one area they can still make huge gains – their swing.

Since Tiger went to a one plane golf swing we’ve seen a mass migration at the professional level.  Amateurs are now following suit.  And for good reason – the one plane swing is a simpler motion, fewer moving parts mean it’s easier to repeat consistently and staying connected yields more power and accuracy.

Persimmon Thinking in a Titanium World?

Einstein quote

We hope we’ve helped you understand what you need to do to improve your swing (simplify it by getting it on-plane and connected), why your attempts to improve in the past may have fallen short and why traditional learning methods make it difficult to lock the ‘new’ swing into muscle memory.

The unique way the patented Swing Jacket trains your body allows it to be more effective than any other method of improving your game. Now that you understand the science behind the invention we hope you have a renewed optimism in how much better you can play and how easily you can make those gains.

If you’d like more information there are more reviews here, more testimonials here and more videos here.  We encourage you to search the Internet for other reviews and comments about the product.  We’re proud to say you won’t find any negative comments about the Swing Jacket even though we’ve sold well over 100,000 units.

The Swing Jacket comes with our unmatched 90 day Great Swing Guarantee.  A guarantee we take very seriously.  If you are not hitting the ball better than ever, after you’ve watched our DVD’s and you’ve done the drills we outline, then we expect you to contact us. We will provide you additional support by e-mail, over the telephone or even via Skype to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Swing Jacket experience.

This may sound a little bold but if your not getting great results (regardless of your skill, experience, physicality…no matter what) then you’re not using the Swing Jacket the way we suggest in our DVD’s.  We don’t say that as braggarts but to remind you that it’s your natural athletic talent and the laws of physics and bio-mechanics at play here.  The Swing Jacket simply creates the ideal environment for your natural talents to shine through and for your body to memorize your swing.


Sometimes it’s helpful to put things into context.  The Swing Jacket costs less than one third of the cost of a latest driver.  Less than the cost of a single lesson from a top instructor.  Less than the cost of a round of golf at a nice course or the cost of a new hybrid club yet has the ability to transform your game in a way none of those options can.  You simply can’t get results like the Swing Jacket delivers without putting in hours and hours on the practice tee under the watchful eye of a top instructor.  Order your Swing Jacket now.

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